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January 06, 2012


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DOnna C

How cool!

Theresa Grdina

I am definitely thinking teen boys....Don't have any, but I think that's what it is!!


Hmm.. Football? Valentine's? Easter? Teen Boys? (I know wishful thinking).

Love Moxxie papers so whatever it is I am sure it will be fantastic!


I wasn't going to guess at first because I was sure I was going to get it wrong, again. But then I reread what you said and now I know!
It will involve....
wait for it...

PAPER! Ok, NOW you can tell me I'm right. (sorry it's late here)
I LOVE this bowling line! But I would never rub it into my husband's face that I beat his game of 172 with a game of 190 on December 30th 2011, by adding it to a layout like that. ;) I think I need that sheet that's hiding!!

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