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July 30, 2012


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Misty Rushlow

Michelle this was an awesome post! You now have me wanting to reorganize my space and get everything labeled!! Guess I better go get a label machine!! You have my mind working!!! Thanks for sharing!

Dana Tatar

Thanks for sharing your space and so many of your storage solutions Michelle! I love peeking inside other scrap rooms. =)

Susie Bentz

Your scrap room looks great! All kinds of great ideas in there. I also love the peeks into everyone else's rooms...I currently scrap on top of a ping pong table which is great because I like to see everything I have for a project at the same time! ;)

Melissa Walker

Michelle, this is fabulous information and I just want to thank you for taking the time to record the process. So many great ideas here and an awesome resource for my own desperately needed organization binge.


Wow! One of these years I'm going to organized too. Great post Michelle, love the boxes and how organized you are. Maybe I could higher you? lol

mary pat

love seeing evryone's scrap space!

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