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December 31, 2012


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3 years ago this week, my very fit 45-year-old husband had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. In our home, each day was marked by a round (or two!) of golf, a game of hockey or soccer, refereeing, coaching or a day on the slopes skiing or snowboarding. The heart attack came as a complete shock. He not only survived, he thrived! Now, in addition to all his beloved sports, he has added running to his schedule. This fall he ran his first 10K and is planning a half-marathon later this year. I saw these papers and thought they would be perfect for an album documenting this latest passion of his. So proud of him and so, so, so happy I get a whole lot more years with him :-)

jan m

Running is so popular in my community, everyone does it! Really like the paper with shadow runners in male and female!

Dana Tatar

I'm really excited about this collection! I'm thrilled that my racing photos and keepsakes will finally be recorded.

Lisa McGushion

Awesome!!!!!! Just what my daughter and I have been dreaming about. She has been a runner for nine years. I will be definitely be having the LSS order it. I will probably even by most of it myself. We have at least 2 more years of her running. More if sh we euns after college.


Fab colors on this line!!


love this! One of my best friends just completed her first marathon, can't wait to scrap her pictures with this line!

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